My Reports

What do they mean by compliance?

When it comes to tagging there is a duty by employees to have their equipment tested and tagged in accordance to AS3760:2003.

The various Australian Standards identify the preferred methodology for each task they apply to. From laying concrete to installing roofing installation and yes, even tagging.

In the news there have been alleged non-standard installations of roofing insulation with dire consequences.

Working to standards and quality processes is what compliance is all about.

Why do I need all this documentation?

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2001 documentation is required for most aspects of work related activities. It isn’t overkill, it’s a requirement.

See how The Safety Crew does it best!

If you’re in the building game you’re either a builder or a sub-contractor. Chances are you’ll have an interest in accessing, downloading or at least veiwing these reports.

Various inspectors (WorkCover, Supervisors, Government authorities, etc) often request this paperwork.

Now you can access your reports anytime.

What should my tagging register look like?

Well, it’s not so much what it looks like but more about it’s content. The content directly relates to the equipment used to do the testing and whether the testing was carried out to the standard (AS3760:2003 or better).

For example; certain equipment should have a leakgae test performed on them. We carry leakage tests out on all equipment.

Some reports merely indicate whether the item passed or failed, just on an insulation test. The equipment that is about the size of a shoebox that produces a red (fail) or green (pass) light. I heard someone once say, “an insulation test is fine if you don’t intend to use the equipment.”

Most people are happy to see the tag – why all the fuss?

It is true! If the tag exists on the lead then it’s usually good enough for most people.

Unfortunately, there is only ever an issue when something goes wrong and when it does people come looking at your compliance and hence your documentation. For example; I have heard of a situation where a person had suffered electrocution while using a welder. Internal investigations revealed a “sub-standard tagging system and an ad-hoc documentation process at best.”

The Safety Crew operates in a systematic manner and is fully aware of the requirements under the OH&S Regualtions 2001. We track the testing history on tens of thousands of items over the last 7 years of our operations.

What can The Safety Crew offer?

We believe we offer unparalleled service to the workplace whenever and wherever you are.

We are a Newcastle based company with technicians based on the North Coast and Sydney.

We offer fully compliant testing and tagging, complete documentation to satisfy the most stringent of audits and an automatic reminder system custom designed to suit our industry