Test & Tag

Want to know how often you need your equipment tagged?

Within AS/NZ 3760:2003 reference is made to a table of frequencies which provides a general guideline of how often you should tag your equipment. See below for a more detailed explanation. If you would like further information on your specific work place you can call Anthony at The Safety Crew on 0417 326 783 or email  anthony@thesafetycrew.com.au.

Which construction sites have tougher rules?

Within NSW there is a difference between construction sites. Basically, most sites are domestic while others are deemed commercial.

In essence, a domestic construction site is considered to be a single residential dwelling while commercial sites relate to buildings such as duplexes and beyond such as high rise.
Typically, the controller of the site is usually aware of the requirements for their site.

Do I really need it tagged?

Recent amendments to AS3760:2003 do allow for the implementation of a risk assessment in place of testing and tagging in certain work environments. These are referred to as non-hostile environments which are mostly found within offices.

Discussion with one our field technicians in consultation with you or your OH&S representative or manager is often the most practical method in determining an effective tagging regime for your place of work and the notes below should be treated as a guideline.

Construction: All construction sites are considered hostile. Any tool on a worksite must be tagged either monthly or quarterly in NSW depending on the worksite.

Light industrial/factory: Generally required to be tagged every 6 months and usually consifdered to be a hostile environment.

Retail and service: A general rule would be a 12 month frequency but is determined by an onsite assessment.

Utes as work sites!

There have been instances where a tradesman’s vehicle has been deemed part of their ‘worksite’ and have been subjected to inspection for various compliances.
So it is best to have all tools in your possesion (including your vehicle) tagged, otherwise try to leave them at home.

What is the AS/NZ 3760:2003 all about?

As any Australian Standard, it establishes the benchmark for how the task should be carried out. As with any other process or task one carries out, there are occasions when tagging is not carried out to this standard. Please refer to the WorkCover website if you wish to review this further.